The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Your Own Boss

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Your Own Boss


Among the more prevalent half truths of entrepreneurship and startups is about being your own boss.

I’ve called it but half truth is better because there are a few real positives with being your own boss.

But there certainly are several negatives, also.

I’ve spent over 10 years developing a firm, as owner and creator, working with workers,” including over 10 years as one proprietor business planning adviser, working with customers on my own; and lots of years being my own boss.


  1. You make the choices yourself. There’s great satisfaction in having the ability simply get it done, make speculations, and to act on hunches. Take the chance, spend the cash. We frequently talk about possessing the work and you own it when you’re the boss. This can be a huge deal in my experience. I’m one of the folks (are you also?) Particularly in operation.
  2. You set your own hours. Perhaps you’re an early riser, or you don’t would like to work day hours that are particular to do your own actions, or children’ tasks instead. Perhaps you want to work in spurts. When you’re your own manager, you remove the old fashioned demand to warm a seat for hours that are special.
  3. You place your personal work style, workplace environment, and (to the extent you could manage it) workplace gear. Some managers are much better than many others at updating the technology, selecting the place, ordering for parking, etc. How fast is the net? That’s up for you when you’re the boss.


  1. Your clients are your supervisor. Your customers are your supervisor. I was never in a position to go the regular worker’s course, where you possess reasons for not having done it or get it done. I wanted the company, the cash was wanted by me, therefore I wasn’t in charge. My customers were in charge.
  2. You spend your personal cash. About you making choices on equipment, technology, bandwidth, etc can you see purpose three in the pros? Great—but then you must cover whatever you determine you want. It comes from the budget, not your company’s budget.

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